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As the founder of JAN GOLDSTOFF PUBLIC RELATIONS, Jan Goldstoff wears many hats. She’s an Inspirational Publicist, Golden Connector, Skilled Event & Headshot Photographer, and Event Producer. Her 40+ years of experience in communications, corporate jobs, and her own PR Company have given her an invaluable toolkit which enables her to form highly effective marketing and promotional strategies for her clients. She has a solid foundation of successful placements in local and national media and numerous testimonials.


She is known as “the Gal with the Golden Rolodex,” and most introductions made by Jan go on to last a lifetime; in many cases, new businesses are created. Her database of contacts, cultivated over decades, is truly worth its weight in gold.


People hire Jan as a publicist, photographer, and event producer for many reasons:

  • She is not only passionate, but has a proven track record.

  • She is an excellent promoter of venues, products or services to the public, in the media and throughout her golden rolodex network.

  • She can create launch or special events.

  • She is a professional photographer of Individuals and events.

  • She can discover the one thing about a client that is unique that no one else has uncovered.

  • She has 1,000 ideas before breakfast, each and every day. 


Jan graduated from Endicott Jr. College and came to New York City to pursue her dreams. She worked at Young & Rubicam; CBS, Inc., and a few PR firms before forming her own PR Company in 1995. NYC was the best place for her to network, connect and work with some of the most talented people from around the globe within many industries.


People who know and have worked with Jan say she possesses extraordinary intuitive gifts along with a strong inner spiritual guidance which gives her great insights into an individual’s essence with a unique understanding of how to promote their talents. This incredible perception combined with her diverse PR experience provides her with an uncanny ability to connect her clients with precisely what and whom they need to fulfill their goals.


One of Jan’s greatest accomplishments is the formation of THE GOLDEN ROLODEX GROUP which is made up of women who have “networks of women.” She produces bi-monthly events in NYC which are by invitation only. Each event showcases exceptional speakers and provides structured networking. The estimated direct and social media reach of this Group is over 300,000. Now entering its 5th year, the Rolodex events sell out.


Jan is a lifetime member of NEW YORK WOMEN IN COMMUNICATIONS, the winner of their prestigious Liz Hoover Award, and their main event photographer. Thousands of her photos have been on their website, Facebook pages, in promotional materials, and in eblasts. One of the most exciting events she photographed featured Arianna Huffington with the President of NYWICI, and both women praised the photos.


Jan has many highly artistic talents -- pianist, composer of healing songs (one of which is recorded), African Drummer, calligrapher, tango dancer, office organizer, and the creator of a line of greeting cards showcasing her artwork and nature photography. Music and Art are an incredibly important part of Jan’s life as she knows the power of music and art to inspire, uplift, heal, and empower.


She is a world traveler and believes that face to face “networking” and having in-person conversations is essential at this time. Meeting and knowing people from different cultural backgrounds has enabled her to form the view that diversity makes for a more harmonious global society.


She and her business partner have promoted a wide variety of clients from authors, entrepreneurs, branding and marketing consultants, and restaurants, to people in the arts and metaphysical fields (healers, psychics, astrologers, etc.) among others.   


Jan’s mission is to shine light on the people, places, and products she believes will help others and make a difference in the world.


Peace, Love and Freedom

Music by Jan Goldstoff

Lyrics by Jan Goldstoff and

Cathy Bolton

Recorded and Sung by Cathy Bolton


Drumming and Chanting by

Duane Kinnart and Pat Hardwick

Peace, Love

and Freedom


Music by Jan Goldstoff

Lyrics by Jan Goldstoff and Cathy Bolton

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