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The Bridge We Have to Cross

Music and Lyrics by Jan Goldstoff 

Sung by Jeff Jacobs and Christina Connors

I created this song originally in 2002 for the purpose of inspiring and uplifting humanity and in appreciation of our magnificent earth and all its peoples and animals. I dedicate this song to my parents for their loving parenting and encouragement throughout my life and the piano lessons they gave me starting me on a musical path; my loving twin sister Judy and brother-in-law John; and my beloved husband David Minshall. Special thanks to Jeff Jacobs and Christina Connors whose beautiful voices and big hearts have made this such a special and empowering song, Judith George for her amazing video of the song, and all the guides and angels who look out for me and all those I love.


Peace, Love and Freedom

Music by Jan Goldstoff

Lyrics by Jan Goldstoff and Cathy Bolton

Recorded and Sung by Cathy Bolton


Drumming and Chanting by

Duane Kinnart and Pat Hardwick

Peace, Love and Freedom
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