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"Every once in a lifetime, we each meet someone that stands out above others because of their spirit, passion and commitments to life, beauty and goodness. Jan Goldstoff is that person to me. Her enterprising nature, never say no attitude, passion for turning all situations into win/wins is astounding. No challenge or situation she encounters seems to presents obstacles – everything to Jan is an exciting opportunity to turn into gold.  


Jan knows everyone, and anyone she doesn’t yet know becomes a friend – whether it’s a celebrity or a stranger on the street – her engaging nature draws others in to want to be a part of what she is creating. She brings out the best in others and makes you want to be a part of whatever she is putting together. She is meant to be a publicist and to help others promote their talents and gifts. 


However, most impressive is Jan’s photographic gifts. She can be in a room, or event, and know just were her camera needs to be to capture the essence of the moment – which then she preserves in extraordinary albums for her clients to savor over and over again. What a gift she is to the world!"

- Judith E. Glaser 

Best-Selling author of seven books including “Conversational Intelligence”

Global Executive Coach

World’s leading authority on WE-centric Leadership and  the Neuroscience of WE 

Organizational Anthropologist

CEO, Benchmark Communications, Inc. 

Chairman of The Creating WE Institute

"Jan Goldstoff is a vigorous, determined and caring publicist, a thorough and thoughtful event producer, and talented and fun special event and headshot photographer. Her “Golden Rolodex” is an oasis in an otherwise frantic world. She provides a space for people to stop and drop into their hearts for a few hours through song, chant, drum, poetry and speaking one’s truth. The featured speakers are always relevant and engaging, and teach invaluable techniques and perspectives. Yes, it is a great opportunity to connect in business, but it’s so much more."


- Hope Fitzgerald

Intuitive Guide and Healer, Infinity Wave Teacher

"Jan Goldstoff, known as the gal with the golden rolodex, has built her work on four vital pillars that we all need to create a life for happiness and success: "Speak your Dream, Find your Team, Live your Passions, and Enjoy all the Moments.” Jan is a connector, a nurturer, and a creator. I say this as Jan's friend and colleague, myself a psychologist, coach, and speaker and knowing her for more than 15 years."


- Dr. Lynda Klau

New York | May 13, 2018

“There’s no one like Jan Goldstoff in all of New York City who can bring together people for excitement, joy and networking. I am so happy to be a part of her “golden rolodex”.  It’s always a joy to be a part of her gatherings. Her capacity to bring relevant and cutting edge material and speakers to her guests is always illuminating.”



- Alan Steinfeld

NewRealities TV/Radio talk show host

“Jan Goldstoff has been photographing our events at The Three Tomatoes for years. She is terrific. She always get the right shots, is unobtrusive, and the end results are a delight. Thank you Jan!”  

- Cheryl Benton 

Founder/Publisher, The Three Tomatoes

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